Fix-it-yourself injuries on the rise

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Fix it yourself? Well you may want to think twice. Emergency rooms around the country have seen an increase in injuries related to do-it-yourself projects. It comes during a time when cash-strapped Americans are trying to save a buck or two. But you could end up paying a high hospital bill plus take a toll on your body.

Whether it's taking a tumble off a ladder or roof or hurting yourself hammering, accidents happen.

"Shot with nail guns, razor knives," said Todd Williams, owner of Rent-A-Husband & Son Handyman Services.  "Hot water heater blew up on me, lighting a hot water heater one time, got third degree burns."

Williams sees it all. He is often called after east Texans exhaust their own efforts, or like one customer, are too injured to finish.

"He called us to do a job and found out he'd fallen off his ladder through his window, wasn't too funny. Hurt his back and was in the hospital for about six months. But the next time he had to get up on a ladder he gave us a call."

A physician at Trinity Mother Francis in Tyler told us the emergency room is always full with these types of stories. Here in east Texas they see a lot of fall-related injuries and folks getting hurt from saws. Sometimes losing their fingers.

Todd says do-it-yourself TV shows, don't help.

"People watching HGTV and they watch laying tile and think that they can watch tile... what they don't show on HGTV is mixing the mud, how heavy you know."

It's understandable you want to save money and learn how to fix something yourself. Ladies, maybe you can relate. But Williams says tell your husbands or boyfriends it's often easier and cheaper to leave it to the pros.

"An emergency room visit, that's sure going to eat up your savings."

A poll on Angie's List, a Website where you can review contractors, showed more than 80% of members are opting to try and fix repairs on their own.

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