East Texans Scramble to Get Powerball Tickets

And the rush is on.  Not for last minute Christmas gifts but for a chance to be multi-powerball millionaires.

The jackpot is up to $280 million. The closest state to Texas in the powerball is Louisiana.  And East Texans are making the short drive hoping they'll see green this Christmas.  The state of Louisiana is very popular today especially to Texans.

We met people from Oakwood, Palestine, Dallas, Marshall, Hallsville, Longview and even New Diana. They've lined up and have come to win.  "I just couldn't help myself it was $2 million and I'm thinking of my student loan, my car. Quit my job," says Marshall physical therapist ross Hintin.

"I'm coming over here to win the powerball I hope. Next Christmas will be really good after we win this here," says Hallsville resident Wardie McCarthy. "I would pay bills off and not let any of my family know or any of my friends know that I have all that money," says Steve Sprague of New Diana.  Of course each here is expecting to be the winner.   "I've got a fortune cookie. I'm gonna try to use that. It says you will be rewarded for your benefits so," says Mary Sprague.

Balfa Ballard of Eustace says she's hopeful as well. "I do feel like I'm gonna win."

"Tomorrow's winner here I am. Take a good look at me," says a confident Longview resident L.D. Johnson.  Odds at winning are one in 120 million.   Louisiana is one of 23-states who participates in the powerball.   The winning numbers will be announced Christmas day.

Amy Tatum, reporting