Lesson from feuding families

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An east Texas church is trying to promote faith with an unusual twist, imitating characters from the most infamous feuding families in American history; the Hatfields and McCoys.

It was not a casual day at Harris Creek church but a symbolic lesson in human behavior.

"We're having a competition called the Hatfields and McCoys. This is all done in love not through blood, but the blood of Jesus" said church member Brenda Carson.

Dressed in period costume, half the church were Hatfields, the other half , McCoys, in a competition to bring people to faith.

"They're worshipping the lord in the process so that's what its all about is getting everybody together to worship the lord" said church member Nancy Cooke.

The historic account of the Hatfields and McCoys is bloody and violent. The real Hatfields and McCoys feuded from 1865 to 1891, with dozens killed on both sides. But today's message was about unity.

"The American people can come together and put their differences aside, and work for the common good" said Gidget Cooper.

For some it was a comfortable exercise in history.

"Yeah feels comfortable, I might come to church like this all the time" said James Cooper.

In the end it was a tie,  but the spirit of the event was the real winner.

And what of the Hatfields and McCoys today? Descendants of each family signed an official peace treaty with each other in 2003 and even appeared on a episode of family feud.

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