Good ol' fashioned corn mill

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - He calls them his toys and he's been collecting them for more than 20 years. Wayne Rogers has only been selling fresh made corn meal at the East Texas Fairgrounds Farmers Market for 2-weeks. But, his old fashioned corn mill is quickly becoming a hit.

His collegues say it's the freshest corn meal in town.

"It was good. So, we got some more today," said pea farmer Melvin Hannah. "It's clean. It's pretty. . . neat to watch it being made."

"It makes a lot of noise and it is an attraction, and I bought the corn mean there and it is delicious," said peach grower Judy Rehkop.

Wayne Rogers says he's been selling corn meal for more than 20 years.

"[I] saw one of these engines in Dayton, Ohio [in] 1985 and I decided I need one," said corn grower Wayne Rogers. "So, in 1988 I found this [and] bought it."

Sears and Roebuck produced this mill in 1914.

"I just like old equipment. It wasn't necessarily to sell the corn meal. I just thought it was a neat thing to show people because lot of people hadn't seen this before," said Rogers.

"He crunk that thing up, and it went 'choo, choo,' and it shot like a shotgun and we all jumped, said Hannah." "It was kinda funny."

Rogers owns 17 of these machines, but only half of them work. The oldest was made in 1911.

"People say it seems to have a fresher taste. Plus, mine is a little bit coarser. Some people like the coarser - gives you more feel when you're eating," said Rogers.

"My 94 year old mother loves his corn meal," said Rehkop.  "It makes the best corn bread ever."

Rogers calls his grist mills his toys.

"My deal is. . . I play with my toys," said Rogers. "When  die my wife's going to sell them and play with the money."

Wayne Rogers is also a hit at tractor shows. Check him out on the second week in September in Whitehouse when the Lone Star Tractor Club puts on a show.

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