Lighting installers? Now that's a hot job!

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texas lighting system installers feel they may have the hottest summer job there is. Some Longview workers specialize in the backbreaking job of installation and must be prepared to do it all summer long. Ten in the morning, in Longview and its already 94 degrees. The employees of Better Lighting Technologies are busy digging and pulling line for a new lighting system on Judson road.

"From burying conduit wire to working attics, it gets pretty rough you've got to know when you've had enough to take a break and get a drink plenty of water," says worker Robert Reed.

Physically exhausting work, they must brave the heat until the jobs done.

"Its brutal most of the time because most people they want to rush and get it done so they won't be out there as long , just got to take your time," says coworker Seth Bonsal.

In this kind of heat the hardest part of their job is actually manually digging out the trenches to lay wire and pipe and they have to be very aware of time.

By midday its 98, and a sense of urgency sets in.

"Once you start slowing down from the heat you make a lot more errors and you're just gradually slowing down and you can hurt somebody," Reed says.

In 99, 100 degree temperatures,   they've had their problems in the heat before.

"Couple of years ago I had heat stroke," Reed says.

"You'll be short tempered because you're so hot and you want to get it done," Bonsal says.

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