Looking For Michael Jackson Memorabilia In East Texas? Good Luck....

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

TYLER (KLTV) - Ever since news came down about Michael Jackson's death, his record sales both online and in stores have skyrocketed.  But some east Texans didn't have much luck.

Billy Jean, ThrillerDon't Stop 'til You Get Enough, they're all good songs, but Friday, east Texas fans had a hard time finding them.

Mario Rochin and Ronnie Marion searched the "M" and "J" sections at Best Buy in Tyler.  "It was all gone," said Rochin.

"I had to disappoint, like, five people," said Jeree Terry, sales associate.  At both the Tyler and and Longview Best Buy stores, more CDs are on order.

Camilla Sanders said she has been a Jackson fan since she was 9 years old.  Her first stop was Hastings in Tyler.  Pickin's were slim their, too.

"Last night, it all [went] just as quickly as we could get it out," said Rebecca McManamy, Hastings associate.  "Even this morning--multiple calls, multiple people, [asking] where's your Michael Jackson stuff," she said.

Kenneth Moore, owner of M and M Music in Tyer, said his phone was ringing as soon as he opened up shop.  "CDs,posters, buttons, posters, anything that I can find, people are wanting it," he said.

On Ebay, a Michael Jackson search yielded more than 6,200 results.  The bidding starts at $499 for a copy of Thriller in it's original packaging.  The 1982 album is the highest selling ever.

Dave Goldman has had his keepsakes for a while now--a sealed picture disk of the '84 Jackson 5 album, Victory.  He said he saw its value reach as high as $100 Friday online.  He also has a rare, 12-inch single of Thriller, and the original cover.

"On one side it's the song, and on the other side, it's instrumental," he said.  "There's not going to be any new material coming out ever again.  This music will go on and on," said Goldman.

More merchandise is on the way.  Most stores say they expect it to be delivered sometime this weekend and early next week.

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