Kids Attend Longview Rocket Camp

By Bob Hallmark. mail

There's no swimming or arts and crafts, but Longview kids learn propulsion systems and vertical lift at a rocket camp.    With 20 kids, launch pads and rockets, you have the ingredients for future scientists at Letourneau University.

"We learn about the laws of Isaac Newton and throughout the week you make rockets and other cool stuff every day," says 10 year old, Bishop Williams.

For a week long camp, grade-schoolers get instruction from Letourneau college professors on the dynamics of flight and breaking barriers.

"We've been building rockets learning about Newton's 3 laws, about gravity friction ,its instructive and its constructive, so they have a lot of fun," says Letourneau senior, Whitney King.

Using the same components to build, students got to see their designs go from paper to reality.

"Its fun to see them work and see that you've made them," says Williams.

"I like building the rockets and getting to know more people," says 9 year old Sydney Johnson.

Parents see it as a great alternative to ordinary summer camps.

"To do something fun , yet was a learning experience as well,you never know where this is going to lead," says one students mother.

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