Whitehouse man gets very new, very big, job

By, Taylor Hemness. mail

Posted by, Jessica Boyd. mail

A career in the Navy has made for a pretty exciting and busy life for an East Texas sailor and his family.

Captain Marshall Brown has served on seven ships, has lived in Japan, and has had shore duty just once in 22 years.

"Somebody from a very small high school, as long as you're disciplined and willing to put in the time and the effort, it's a great career, and it's open to everybody," says Captain Brown

Marshall Brown graduated from Whitehouse High School in 1983, and went on to the Naval Academy. He served in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, but two weeks ago, he was promoted to Captain aboard the U.S.S Nimitz, one of the largest aircraft carriers in the world.

"We did it out on the flight deck of Nimitz," says Brown,"downtown San Diego in the background, and my boss rear Admiral Miller swore me in and promoted me. And my kids put on my shoulder boards for promoting me. So, it was a great moment to have them do that."

The Nimitz operates in the Pacific, so his family could be moving from San Diego to possibly Hawaii, or even Japan. But even though they move with him, he's still away from his wife and two young children for a month or two at a time. But Mrs. Brown says that their family life is better than you might think, "When he comes home, it's that much greater, because you think about the important things in life. You tend not to think about the things that are petty and meaningless, and so our family life is great I think."

Marshall will be at sea for most of the rest of this year planning the everyday operations of seven ships, or about 6,000 people. It's a big job, but you might say he's got it in his blood, "I come from a navy family. My father had six brotheRS who were all in the navy or marine corps during WWII or the Korean. So, it's what I wanted to do."