Christmas Tree Fire Seriously Damages Home

"The lights started flickering, and I heard a tinkering noise that sounded like my bird clock."

That was Dorothy Bostic's smoke alarm. An electrical short quickly sparked a fire right at the base of her tree.

"I went out the glass patio door right next to my bathroom," she says.

Firefighters were at the home and at work just two minutes after the call.

"Oh, they were here pretty fast."

That's because of a new agreement between the Hideaway Lake community and Lindale. Three firefighters are stationed for quick response just blocks away from Dorothy's home. In the past... Help was much farther away.

"We would have responded from the central station in Lindale, it would have been approximately 10-15 minutes," says Lt. James Haxton of the Lindale Fire Department.

"I'm safe, that's the main thing!" says Dorothy. The fire was stopped in the living room, so it's mainly soot in the rest of her house. Though there's nothing left of the tree.

"I had taken all the presents to all the children in the family, and so there wasn't anybody's gifts lost but my own."

Lt. Haxton: "She was able to recognize what was going on, recognize the smoke in her house and got out, she did a very smart thing."