Holiday Travel Security

Holiday traveler, Doris Stevens, carefully packed her bags this trip home, "You need to have your shoes in one layer. I've got a couple of books that are presents and I've got them side by side not one on top of the other."

Just a few small changes that make a big difference because carry-on's and checked bags will be opened and hand searched says Security Director, David Whitebread of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, "They need to be aware they that should not lock their bags, " he says. "We will lock them after we have inspected them."

And most people are catching on to the change, especially with the way they're dressing tells Whitebread, "Wearing less jewelry through the check points and also the different types of shoes."

As metal detector have become more sensitive. Avoiding shoes with metal shanks and even under wire bras will minimize your time in line.

Another tip, if your carrying film, make sure it's in a carrying case. Newer high tech airport scanners might ruin exposed film. Also, wait to wrap your gifts. Screeners may need to open them to inspect.

   Jennifer Brice, reporting.