Holiday Volunteering

While many families enjoy the tradition of staying home for the Holidays, some East Texans believe leaving home to serve others makes the memories last longer.

The Salvation Army of Tyler is holding it's Christmas Dinner on Wednesday. The day begins at 9a.m. For more information on volunteering, you can call the Salvation Army of Tyler at (903) 592-4361.

And if you're interested in volunteering in a different capacity, here's a few more tips. The United Way says their annual donation drive has reached 90% of its $2 million goal. UW donates that money to 23 non-profits in East Texas. If you'd like to donate money or learn of other volunteer opportunities, you can call UW's infoline at (903) 534-9977.

Longview residents can get in touch with the Gregg County UW info-line, by calling 903-236-9211. (The line will not be open on the 24th or 25th).