Back when Texas was an independent republic...

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MORRIS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A little cabin in Morris County is an unassuming structure and a piece of Texas history. It was built in 1840 by settler John Wingate Truitt and it was recognized by the Texas Historical Commission.

"A lot of these historic buildings have been completely lost and its rare to find one that's in its same family ownership [from a] time period when Texas was an independent country," said Jeff Durst, with the Texas Historical Commission. "

"The fact that it was during the republic of Texas days makes it - enhances the entire effort on our part," said Bert Hervey, a Truitt descendent.

The family says Truitt hued his own wood for the beams, and constructed the cabin without any nails, using a stone foundation.

"The structure itself is a great time capsule explaining construction methods living standards that sort of thing," said Durst.

Truitt's descendants still live in Morris County, and have worked for many years to get the home recognized.

"We hope to remember we hope that this preservation project will lend some historical significance to the kind of thing that they went to," said Hervey. "We believe our family ties are very important."

The family hopes with a little restoration, the cabin will stand for another 160-plus years. Truitt's descendents are working now on funding to restore the cabin to its original form.

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