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Buyers beware!

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Released by Officer Kevin Brownlee with the Longview PD:

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The Longview Police Department has recently received a complaint regarding door to door sales people advertising a product as endorsed by the City of Longview. The Department wants all area residents to be aware of the following facts about door to door sales persons:

• Anyone selling goods or services door to door in the City of Longview is required to have a permit issued by the Longview Police Department with their photo, name and company information on it.

• Because someone has a permit issued by the Police Department to sell door to door, does not mean the Police Department or the City of Longview has endorsed a vendor, their goods or services. The permit only means the vendor has registered with the Police Department and the vendor has agreed to abide by state laws and applicable city ordinances while selling their product.

• The Longview Police Department recommends residents to check out a business through the Better Business Bureau before entering into any contracts or purchasing products. The Better Business Bureau of Central East Texas can be contacted in Tyler at 903-581-5704 or online at

• Longview City ordinance requires a vendor to leave immediately if you tell them you are not interested in their goods or services. If a vendor refuses to leave, contact the police and ask for an officer to respond. Violations of the city ordinance can result in the revocation of a vendor's sales permit.

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