8 pounds, healthy and tasty

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - William Scroggins was growing onions, not turnips when he saw it just outside the garden row on a May morning.

"I told my wife, 'Lord, look there,'" Scroggins recalled.

With a little digging out came an eight pound turnip, with a 24" circumference.

"It's one foot from the top up here down to the bottom of the root," Scroggins proudly pointed out.

Kim Scroggins-Gipson, Scroggins' daughter, wants everyone to know her daddy didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday when it comes to gardening. She has submitted his name to Guinness World Records.

"I sort of wanted him to have his 15 minutes of fame on this because it probably won't happen again," Kim explained.

The family is expecting to hear by the end of the month if the turnip is a world record. Kim says drawing attention to a giant turnip is a way of saying thanks for another unforeseen occurrence.

"The most unique thing about my relationship is I was adopted," shared the 55-year-old social worker. "So, every time I think about my parents, I am just grateful for them."

In November, Kim became a parent herself. Just like the turnip, baby Turner was something of a surprise too.

"She has been told all her life she couldn't get pregnant and have a child, and lo and behold this thing started coming along last spring," Scroggins said as he admired his grandson playing with the giant turnip.

A lot of gardeners intentionally try to grow large vegetables, but Scroggins says in his future he'll continue to use the accidental method. Why mess up a good thing. Happenstance brought a father and daughter together, led to a bundle of joy, and provided a vegetable show piece. The Scroggins keep the turnip in a freezer. They bring it out to show people and expect it will be beneficial to Turner when he's teething.

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