Salvation Army Visited By Angel Of The Kettles

The Salvation Army received quite a surprise Saturday night. They were collecting the small bills and change from their donation kettle stationed at the Rice Road Brookshire's, when they found a little bundle of hope.

"All of a sudden," Randy Rial says, "We found a pack that was wrapped in a dollar bill, a paper clip and a note, and opened it up and there was a wad of hundred dollar bills, a thousand dollars to be exact."

The enclosed note said, "It all belongs to God, let's hope this helps to spur the holiday giving spirit." Rial says the charity has touched him.

"I'm not sure who it is, but we're grateful and blessed by their donation."

This marks the fifth year someone has done this, slipped ten hundred dollar bills into the bucket and walked away unnoticed.

"What that tells me is that they're doing this out of their heart," Rial says. "They're not doing it for glory or for recognition, they're doing it for the Lord, and they know the ministry is for real. And I have the utmost respect for whoever this person is."

Of course, the Salvation Army thanks everyone who has helped them this season, but for their one special donor, Rial hopes they realize just what they're doing every year.

"They have no idea the impact that it has on children and families that are hurting, on people that need to hear the gospel. I just have the utmost respect."

"I wish I could meet this person someday," he says.

Until then, a simple thank you will have to suffice for their angel of the kettles.

Reid Kerr reporting.