Non-Traditional Shopping

The Christmas crush is intensifying, and it's driving some people away from the crowds. Some East Texans are avoiding the rush by doing their shopping at smaller stores, such as consignment shops. In these stores, people put their own items up for sale, such as clothes and children's items.

In the busy season, the smaller stores may offer better parking and more of a "hands on" approach. For one mom, the very nature of the consignment shop brings her in for her Christmas shopping. Mindy Holley said, "I know that people bring their stuff here because they need to make the circle continue. Their kids have outgrown that and they need something else, and to do that they need that money. I'm glad it's not going to some big wig guy sitting in his Hummer. There's a mom somewhere being able to buy something else because I needed something else."

Most consignment stores split the money made with the original seller. As for selection, some places have merchandise from more than one thousand sellers in their store.

Reid Kerr, reporting.