Wren ready to replace the face of Apache baseball

By: Ryan Peterson - email

Tyler, Texas (KLTV) - Former T.J.C. head baseball coach Jon Groth opened his summer baseball camp Tuesday morning at Mike Carter Field.  Future Apaches braved the heat, to learn from a national championship coach.  Also instructing at the camp was Groth's successor at T.J.C., interim head coach Doug Wren.

If Wren looks young, that's because he is.  The former Apache player and assistant coach is just 26 years old.

"I definitely didn't think I'd be able to be in this position, this soon," said Wren.  "I think I'm ready. I've had the opportunity to be under a couple of coaches that have mentored me and been able to pour some wisdom into me. So I believe I'm ready. I'm up for the opportunity and challenge and excited about what's to come for Tyler baseball."

As excited as Wren is, he acknowledges the pressure he faces in replacing Groth.  The only coach the Apaches have ever known.

"He's (Groth) been here for 17 years and built the program from the ground up," said Wren.  "I feel it's my responsibility to keep it where it's at."