Tyler Market Center Provides Shopping Alternative

With just a few shopping days left until Christmas, there's not much time left to finish your Christmas lists. For some people, the crowds at the malls and shopping centers are a little too much to wade through.

Meanwhile, the Tyler Market Center is open for business. For Bullard resident Mary LaRoux, it's a welcome alternative to fighting the crowds.

"We like shopping outdoors," she says. "It's just an enjoyable experience. There's no stress to it, you just walk along, buy what you want and there's all kind of foods to try. We really like it. We enjoy it."

Mary and her husband are just two of the estimated fifty thousand people who visit every month for the third weekend show, and they come primarily just to look around.

"Some months we have something in mind," Mary says, "and some months we just come to browse and look."

The weekend provides a shopping alternative for some who think malls and shopping centers are hard to get into and tough to get help with, especially at Christmas time.

"Out here the vendors are available," Mary says, "They're ready to sell their wares, and if you find something you like, so be it"

The Tyler Market Center has been hosting the event for over a year now. On the third weekend of every month, the market opens at nine and shuts down at five each day Friday through Sunday.

Parking is free on Fridays, two dollars on Saturdays and Sundays.

Reid Kerr reporting.