108 years old and sporting a facelift

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - It's one of the oldest courthouses in Texas. We're talking about the historic Harrison County Courthouse in Marshall. 108 years ago, the courthouse was first dedicated, but just recently, it was rededicated after a $9.7 million renovation.

From the outside to the inside, you can admire every classic detail.

Harrison County Judge Richard Anderson couldn't be prouder of the four level round shaped atrium courthouse.

"You see, it is just as our grandparents saw it when it was first open," said Judge Anderson. "It's a thing of beauty. I would estimate that the courthouse is between 82' and 85' feet from the top to the first floor, and of course there's a basement underneath that."

Its biggest attraction, way back when, was inside the district courtroom.

"Big trials were a source of entertainment for the people, so you can see there's a balcony here and courtroom seating for those that wanted to come in and see the drama of the trial," said Judge Anderson.

From the original wooden floors to the color scheme, the building has the most unique architectural detail. The courthouse has eight safes, one of which leads to the county clerk's room, which was also secured by hand fabricated steel shutters, so thieves couldn't break in and steal deeds.

For the City of Marshall the historic Harrison County Courthouse is a little piece of heaven.

"We hope to preserve a bit of history for our children and our grandchildren," said Judge Anderson.

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