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A Better East Texas: ABC Prime Time Special

This Wednesday, ABC will air a one-hour primetime special at 9pm titled Questions for the President: Prescription for America.  The format and idea for this special has drawn criticism from the Republican party because of the potential omission of alternatives to what the President is proposing.  ABC responded to a letter from the Republican National Committee by declaring that they will be selecting the audience for this town-hall like program and that all sides will be fairly represented.  Given ABC's track record, along with the other major networks, part of me is skeptical.  However, what better forum is there to learn about the options before us that affect so many East Texans.  Our healthcare care system is on life support and we need to have this discussion.  So with the pressure that is being put on the network, I believe we need to give this a chance and believe that the President will have to answer the tough questions and that both sides will be presented.  We are watching this story as it develops and our news team has already set up a live discussion that night with Congressman Louie Gohmert to make sure that, at least in East Texas, all sides and options are discussed.  Our national leaders should have access to the country and our country access to our leaders and television is the best way to accomplish this.  This freedom makes America different and, here at home, it makes for a Better East Texas.

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