Several Longview Restaurants Have Critical Problems

Six Longview area restaurants were hit with major violations in the latest round of inspections by the Longview health department, including Morelos at 1020 West Marshall. Inspected on November 8th, it had nine violations including hot and cold foods at improper temperatures and improper disposal of garbage. Their overall score a C.

Inspected on October 28th, Fransisco's restaurant at 1226 Marshall Avenue had six violations. Employee hygenic violations were found and uncleaned food contact surfaces... Score : B.

Five violations were found at Pizza Hut at 3124 Estes Parkway. Inspected on November 5th, it was found to have uncleaned food contact surfaces and inadequate handwash facilities... They scored a B.

Grandy's at 3305 South Eastman Road was inspected on October 25th, and had five violations. Hot foods were held at unsafe temperatures, and there was improper handwashing by employees... Score: B

Six violations were found at Lupes Mexican Restaurant at 1015 East Marshall Avenue. Inspected on October 24th, hot and cold foods were at unsafe tenmperatures, and work spaces were uncleaned. They scored a B.

Six violations were found in a November 11th inspection of Pancho's at 1021 Highway 31. There was improper heating of hot foods and uncleaned contact surfaces. They scored a B.