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Claudia's Cafe: Weldon's Pulled Pork

Weldon's Southern Style Pulled-Pork w/ Sassy Sauce



2 - 10 lb. Pork Butts

Uncle Jim's Seasoning Sand (family recipe) (see below)

Uncle Jim's Seasoning Sand

1 cup garlic powder

2 ½ cups of salt

1 ½ cups of black pepper (restaurant ground)

2 ½ cups of paprika

1/3 cup cayenne

1 cup Adolf's meat tenderizer

Stir ingredients together until all really well-combined


Preparation:   Rub all sides of pork butt with generous coating of seasoning sand.  Place pork butt fat-side up in smoker with apple wood chips (we use an electric smoker) cook at 225 degrees for 16 hours.  When meat is done, the blade bone will easily slip out. While meat is still warm, remove excess, visible fat and then "pull" the pork.  (You can use a fork to help with the "pulling"

(Alternate method we also use:  place pork butt on one side of a multiple burner covered gas grill and light the opposite side of the grill.  This allows cooking with indirect heat.  Still keep temperature in the 225-250 degree range.  Close the grill and cook.  Cooking times will vary depending on the grill; but slow cook until meat is tender --approximately 10-12 hours).


To Serve:

Can be served with scoop of pork, drizzled with sassy sauce or your favorite barbecue sauce and topped with creamy coleslaw.  You can also serve on top of a toasted bun for a sandwich variation.

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