Hey! Is that who I think it is?

By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Since his story first aired, Jay Bambeck has reached celebrity status. Jay has been collecting aluminum cans with his mother Amanda to pay for a wheelchair lift for their van.

The cans are coming from everywhere, and so are his fans. I spent the day with the local celebrity and talked to Jay, his mom and some of his fans...

"As of right now we've collected over $600," said Jay's mom. "We're looking at over 500 pounds worth of cans. It's great. We have a lady who lives north of Gladewater here. She brought about 200 pounds of cans here. And, we have a gentleman who is going to Tyler today, and he brought some cans in himself and he's going to bring them in to Tyler."

"Seeing his mom having a hard time picking him up [and] putting him in the truck [made me want to help], and I had a bunch of cans in my yard," explained Chris Hale. "I've been down a few times and people have helped me. I was going to sell them and probably just blow the money, so why not help someone who needs it worse?"

Jay loves Tyler Iron and Metal.

"I love to drop off cans here," exclaimed Jay. "And, there's so much noise I can't barely hear anybody."

Now, with lots of encouragement and hope, Jay and his mom are thinking about the future.

"We're not sure yet, but we're looking at maybe getting a full-sized van," said Jay's mom. "That way, in a few years when he's maybe over six feet tall, he'll still have enough room."

On their way out the door, fans had one more thing to do...

"I gotta get his autograph before I leave," said Hale.

If you'd like to help, you can take your cans to Tyler Iron and Metal at 1630 w. Northwest Loop 323 and tell them the cans are for Jay's ramp.

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