Troup teen lifts overturned car from sister's body

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The accident that resulted in the car being overturned happened late Monday night on FM 2493, just east of Highway 69. Monie Rodgers, her sister Diyamon Martin and a friend say they were just trying to get back home to Troup. That's when the unthinkable and unbelievable happened.

It was a curve they had taken many times before. Monday night, it was a turn for the worse.

"I just let go of the wheel and covered my face," said Diyamon Martin.

"We were just talking, laughing, and the next thing I know I heard like...shhhh...boom," said Monie Rodgers.

Diyamon said she lost control and overcorrected. Pieces of their mother's car created a path to the spot where it rested. Upside down in a ditch on the side of the road, not much was left of the mangled Volvo S60.

"I remember telling my friend that I was sorry," said Diyamon, "And, I remember telling my sister to help me with the car because I didn't want to die."

"I didn't know how I was going to get it off of her," said Monie. "I just started praying and I pushed it up and it just came up."

The star athlete, Monie, lifted the car from her sister's leg and pulled her to the road. Help eventually arrived on-scene.

"I just sat on the side of the road and started crying," said Monie. "I had my head between my legs and something told me to look up, and Brittany's phone was flashing."

She used it to call 9-1-1. She also called her mother, Keshia Rodgers who said she and a neighbor drove for nearly an hour, searching for the three girls.

"The more that we couldn't find them, the harder it got," said Keshia. "Being as young as they are, they had the will to live."

Monie has since been released from the hospital. Her big sister Diyamon's leg was crushed. Her lungs were punctured. She has nine broken ribs and a heavy heart.

"I didn't mean to hurt anybody and I didn't want this to happen," said Diyamon. "My sister's a great athlete, and she wants to do more and I'm glad she's not hurt like I am."

She also has her little sister's support.

"It's not your fault," said Monie to her sister. "I still love you."

"God was there with them and he brought angels with them to help my baby lift that car up to save her sister," said Keshia. "They're alive."

Troopers said it appears the car barrel rolled two to three times. The other teenager was also released from the hospital. DPS is still investigating the accident and it appears the girls may not have been wearing their seatbelts.

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