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Cheap Eats: Uncharted territory!

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS, TX (KLTV) - I avoided the fast food restaurants we all know, making my first stop for a classic sandwich. The first deal I found was the town of Sulphur Springs where one spot specializes in all things sandwich.

At first glance, the Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe seemed too fancy for us "cheap eaters", but owner Sandi Wallace said that is just their style.

"With the economic things the way they are, I understand cheap eats deals and so one thing that we can offer is a grilled cheese sandwich," said Wallace. "It's a Swiss American cheese on whole wheat bread."

Looking even better in person, it was torture to watch the first cheap eat of the day be delivered. You get a grilled cheese sandwich, chips, drink, and a pickle for only $4.85.

Next up, I went a little further south and found a hidden East Texas gem. I stopped to see if Y'all Come Back Cafe was giving customers a reason to return. I walked in and looked for a menu. A little quick mental math and I found your second Cheap Eat. Their unique taco burger, chips, and a drink is only $4.80.

My final stop was in Emory, where a new restaurant is already making a big name for itself. Owners Ken and Kay Shilling opened Big Mouth Burgers seven months ago with a simple strategy.

"We wanted something that everyone could come and dine out, enjoy their food and have something that's fresh and reasonable in price," said the owner.

I scanned the menu and discovered Shilling wasn't lying. The price was right for the hot dogs which were whipped up in the back. They delivered the third Cheap Eat of the day. Two hot dogs with chips and an iced tea was a mere $3.24.

Bonus Cheap Eat:

Y's Hometown Foods
14451 St Hwy 31E
Brownsboro, TX
For a limited time only (June 17th-23rd)
Hamburger or cheeseburger, fries and a can soda is $2.99+tax.

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