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12/19/02 - Tyler

Most Elusive Toys Gone From East Texas Stores

"I've been all the places that I know to go," says one shopper. 

As elusive as the masked man himself, is one hot toy. Even santa's having a tough time.

"We're just starting our trek today, and it looks like it's going to be a long one. "

The Spider-Man Web Blaster shoots a web with string in a can..  It's less than $20. Folks have spent more than that on gas. Trying to hunt it down. 

"If we don't find it in Tyler, we'll have to end up going to Dallas or something." 

"It's gone, and they're saying they're not going to get them." There's always a chance.  Target says as soon as the shipment comes in. There's a rush.

Early morning's your best shot.  "Not holding out too much hope, no." Zipzap remote control cars and these furreal friends. Sort of a stuffed cat that purrs and moves are making themselves scarce like the web blaster. When do you start looking for something else. 

"What's plan B? Your guess is as good as mine."  There are plenty of other good wholesome gifts that are sticking around. And have for years.

"We're doing Play-Doh, and Lincoln Logs." That's very simple.

"We don't watch TV, so the kids don't even know what everyone's looking for these days."

Some blame the media and TV ads for fueling the rush for a certain toy... and some are nearing the point of saying Merry Christmas... And I've had "enough".

"I think I may give a gift certificate and say here, go get what you want."

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