Several Restaurants Had Critical Violations

Pizza Hut 209 WSW Loop 323 Tyler was inspected November 19.  The buffet cooler and walk-in coolers were maintaining 49-50F. They should be 45F or below. Products were discarded. Handwash sink caused immediate back-up in prep area. Mop sink was required. Flies were noted.

Pizza Hut had a total of 24 demerits, and the permit to serve food was suspended until the refrigeration problems and draining problems could be taken care of.

On a recheck two days later, the problems has been corrected, and the permit was reinstated.

El Mejicano at 678 WSW Loop 323 was inspected November 7th. Dressing, tuna, and chocolate pudding tested from 47-51F. Should be 45F or below. Products were discarded. Meat was not properly labeled. Improper liquid was stored above mop sink.

There were a total of 18 demerits, and a recheck was ordered.

On that recheck Nov. 8, all problems had been corrected.  No score was given.

Fuller's Fine Foods at 601 E. Front was inspected November 19th. Tartar sauce was at 62F, mayonnaise at 78F.  Should be 45F or below.  Flies were noted.  There were rodents near the utility box.

23:53 Brenda Elrod, Smith County Public Health District: "Rodents will live where there is an opportunity so they may come in with a delivery, they may come in from an adjacent building, so the idea would be to keep your place as clean as possible, and keep your stock rotated so they don't have a place to hide."  There was also cleaner stored at a prep sink.

There were a total of 14 demerits.  No recheck was ordered.

Casa Ole at 3701 Troup Hwy. was inspected November 18th.  Cooked meats tested at 113-122F. Should be 140F or hotter.  Improper reheating of other foods.   There was rust, corrosion, and mold residue on and inside the ice machine.

13 demerits, and no recheck was ordered.

D's Royal Coffee Shop  at 710 E. Front was inspected November 19th. Eggs tested at 63F. Should be 45F or below. Foods were not properly labeled, and a lid needed on trash can.

Total of 12 demerits. No recheck ordered.