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Gift of Love: 10-year-old Romelo

By Jennifer Hines - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - He's a well mannered young man with a lot of potential. Romelo has spent many years in foster care and hopes he can reach his dreams of finding a family.

Flashing a big smile 10-year-old Romelo was excited his two upper front teeth were finally coming in. He was also excited because it was his first time bowling!

Getting a strike right away, let's just say Romelo picked the game up quick! Romelo is shy at first and very polite.

"He's a sweet kid," said Jennifer Hays, Romelo's case worker. "He's easy going. He's laid back. He goes with the flow the majority of the time."

You might remember Romelo. He was featured in January 2008 with his sister Shakyra. She has been adopted, but Romelo is still looking for his forever family.

Very much a ham, he played it up for the camera. Romelo loves to play outside and hopes to go to camp this summer.

"[I love] swimming and flying and jumping off a trampoline," he told me.

He also like's playing video games and being creative.

"I like painting and I like coloring," he said.

When it comes to school, Romelo tries hard but is developmentally delayed and will need extra help at home and takes special education classes at school.

"So he will need help, especially with reading and math," explained Hays.

He has some difficulty telling the truth and getting along with his peers.

"He is a 10-year-old boy, so he can be hard headed," said Hays. "He just needs someone to help him through school and be willing to help him."

She says he needs a family that is both patient and consistent. It's also important that his family help him stay in contact with his sister and brother; encouraging that strong bond.

"He's ready," said Hays. "He's ready to have his own family."

...his own family, where Romelo can experience the gift of love.

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