WebXtra: Woman saves five-year-old from dog attack

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Julie Darden went on evening walks through her neighborhood frequently. Last night, her routine walk became a lifesaving one.

As Darden approached the end of her street she spotted five-year-old Noemi Charles playing in her front yard, being approached by a stray black dog she says resembled a Pit Bull. Telling Noemi to get back towards her house, Darden headed towards the dog.

The dog charged without hesitation, clamping its jaws onto her left forearm. Darden did her best to fight the dog off, but soon fell limp to the ground hoping the dog would release its grip. The dog let go momentarily and as Darden lifted her foot to kick it away it bit deeply into her right foot, clear through the shoe.

Screaming for help, Darden's neighbors responded. Russell Devilbiss grabbed his gun and followed his wife outside where they saw Darden being attacked. Russell headed towards the scene waiting for the dog to let go of his neighbor. As the dog turned on him he fired four shots, killing the dog.

A registered nurse, Russell's wife, Julie Devilbiss gave Darden emergency first aid treatment on the ride to the emergency room.

Thursday Darden is in stable condition at ETMC where she's been treated for a punctured foot and deep bites into her left arm.

The dog's head has been sent to Austin to be tested for rabies.

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