Jay's in aluminum can heaven

By Molly Reuter - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - His story touched so many of you. One special boy is now in aluminum can heaven.

Tuesday, we told you about 8-year-old Jay Bambeck of Tyler. Jay suffers from cerebral palsy and is trying to raise money for a ramp and docking station for his van. He's well on his way.

It didn't take long for East Texans to round up their aluminum cans for Jay.

"Like, not even two seconds after my number was on the screen, I started getting calls," said Jay's mom, Amanda Bambeck. "I had 19 voice mails that were left during the first call."

One bag at a time Jay and his mother loaded up their van Wednesday morning with cans to recycle.

"[There are] lots and lots of cans in the back," said Jay.

Amanda says some of the cans were dropped off last night, others first thing Wednesday morning. Teri Robinson of Yantis says when she saw Jay's story she knew she had to help.

"He was so cute," said Robinson. "It just broke my heart."

"Thank you," said Jay. "When they give me cans, I say thank you."

It seems Jay's story touches everyone he meets. At Tyler Iron and Metal the guys decided to donate their aluminum cans to Jay.

"Words cannot describe it," said Jay's mom. "It just shows you that there are good people left in the world."

"I'm going to get more cans and get the ramp and the docking station," said Jay.

Does that make you happy," I asked him.

"Yes, it does make me happy," he smiled.

His hard work has paid off, and there will be no doubt many more cans to come.

Amanda Bambeck says people have also donated ramps and scrap metal to recycle. A fund has now been set up at Tyler Iron and Metal in Tyler. Just drop your aluminum cans off there and the money will be donated to Jay.

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