4-year-old attacked by pit bull

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HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Another East Texas child has been attacked by a pit bull, but fortunately, the four-year-old girl survived. At a trailer park in Henderson off of McClarity Street, the girl's mother says her daughter was attacked in their front yard.

The mother says she just wants to know why something like this could happen. Friday, Summer was playing in her front yard when her mother, Sarah Rasberry, says a dog owner walked up with a pit bull on a leash.

"She walked her dog up here and asked summer to pet her dog," said Sarah. "Summer didn't move, stood still and the dog broke loose of its chain."

Sarah says the unprovoked dog attacked Summer, clamping down on her shoulder.

"Oh my God," exclaimed Sarah. "I never thought that this would happen to my child. I was in shock."

Five butterfly stitches later Summer is OK, but Sarah is outraged that the dog was even kept in the trailer park.

"I think they should but a ban on pit bulls," said Sarah. "They need to get rid of pit bulls. She had no right to bring a pit bull by a four-year-old."

The dog is currently under quarantine at Henderson Animal Control, but there is a catch. The animal now has to be tested for rabies.

"I can find out within 24 hours if we can test the dog," said Veronica Whittington, with Henderson Animal Control. "Then we know what to do with the bite victim."

To do that, the animal must be put down, but the owners have not consented.

"My daughter's at risk for having rabies," said Sarah. "I want the dog to be put to sleep. At the animal shelter they said she's lucky that dog didn't rip off her arm."

What's worse is Sarah says Summer is suffering emotional problems from the attack.

"Right now, she's scared of animals," said Sarah. "She's scared of dogs. She woke up the other night thinking there was a dog inside of my house."

For now, the investigation into the attack continues. The dog has been quarantined for 10 days. Authorities say the dog's owners could face third degree felony negligence charges for not properly restraining and controlling the dog.

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