WebXtra: Jay's in aluminum can heaven

By Molly Reuter - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texans you did it again. Amanda Bambeck, the mother of Jay Bambeck, 8, says her cell phone has not stopped ringing since Jay's story ran Tuesday.

You may remember Jay is collecting cans and recycling them to raise money for a ramp and docking station for his van. In less than 24 hours, East Texans have already donated thousands of cans. Jay and his mother dropped off 64 pounds worth of cans at Tyler Iron & Medal, Wednesday afternoon. Amanda says the response has been overwhelming.

"Words cannot describe it," said Amanda. "It just shows you that there are good people left in the world. To know that someone cares enough to help him out, you know, it's amazing."

"I'm going to get the ramp and the docking station for the van," said Jay. "I'm very happy."

If you've got some cans to get rid of, you can recycle them at Tyler Iron & Metal located at 1630 W. Northwest Loop 323 in Tyler. A fund has been set up at the recycling center in Jay's name. Just tell them you want to donate the money to Jay Bambeck.

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