Food For Thought

With the help of students at Bullard High School, thousands of needy East Texans will get their fill of good food this Holiday Season.

Students in grades nine through twelve collected well over 4,000 food items for the King's Store House in Tyler. The food bank will distribute the items to needy families throughout East Texas. Several students spent their day off Wednesday, sorting, packaging and preparing the food for shipment.

The freshman class started the drive last year, but competition from other classes helped them double the numbers this year.

"This is seven times what we collected last year," says Laura Hunter, a freshman English teacher who started the drive. "This total exceeds anything I thought possible."

Hunter says everyone brought foods they like to eat. Coincidentally, there were large supplies of macaroni and cheese. The bank also requested cooking oil and peanut butter.

"These people don't have a lot for their families," says sophomore Tiffany Fuller. "We're giving them this food and something they can be thankful for."

Tiffany Fuller and a handful of other students spent one of Bullard's pre-Holiday sick days at school, getting food ready for thousands of people they'll never meet.

Kerri Panchuk, Reporting.