Cure For the Common Cold?

The onset of cold weather brings plenty of coughs and sniffles... The popular herbal remedy, Echinacea has become one of the first things folks will grab to spell relief. But, a new study suggests Echinacea doesn't make a difference in helping cure the common cold.

Known as an immune booster and an anti-viral herb...the plant derivative isn't getting a boost from a new study. The study focused on two groups of college students suffering with a cold. One given Echinacea--the other a placebo. The results: the folks who took the placebo were sick for about 5 days, the Echinacea group...for 6 days. Not much of a difference...

"If they didn't actually give a guaranteed certified potency every delivered was like doing everything right but not the most important thing," claims Grace Ram of Tyler Whole Heath Store. An advocate, Ram hopes folks don't shelve the herb before more studies are done.

Echinacea is one of the most widely sold herb on the market.