East Texans Spending Slightly Less This Holiday

What affects holiday spending is so different for so many people.

One shopper says that his "kids are getting older, so the gifts are getting more expensive than they used to be."

Another says he'll spend more.  Simply put: "Last year, I didn't have a girlfriend."

There is a level of apprehension about the economy.  So a lot of East Texans shopping Wednesday say they're keeping a little more green behind.

A national poll shows the same:  An average American spent a record $946 just three years ago. This year, that's projected to be more than a hundred dollars less.

One shopper says: "I think we're spending less, but not a whole lot."

Another adds: "We're definitely having to watch each dollar more carefully. We're crunched just like everyone else is."

For Sonny Bashir, now is crunch time. He says a lot of these folks are browsing his kiosk at Broadway Square Mall.  But that doesn't pay the bills.

"This year is a whole bunch different, they just come to ask more than last year, they don't buy."

Some that we spoke with say they're not done buying yet, that there will be a Christmas Eve rush. For Sonny and many others like him, that would be a Christmas wish come true.