No problem!

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - No problem! More and more East Texas kids are heading to the arcade and they don't even have to leave their front yard.

Laser lights, surround sound and fog machines, all just beyond the garage door.

"We can pretty much pull up into any driveway or cul-de-sac [in] a mobile entertainment vehicle," said Jonah Fults, with Games-2-U. "We can bring the party straight to the parent."

It's the block party of all block parties when Fults shows up. His 20 foot long Games-2-U van is virtually a game-room-on-the-go.

"Church group or school or whatever," said Fults. "Kids are just having a blast and smiling the whole time. It's just an awesome experience."

Inside I found three 42 inch flat screens and X-Box 360 games galore. Outside I found two flat screens for Nintendo Wii.

"We'll get with the mother, father, other parents, and we'll make sure the games are okay," said Fults. "From 6 to 60...they can actually have us out and have some fun."

And, because kids don't play enough video games, these days there's also laser tag for virtually any sized lot.

"[It's] original and neat," said Kyle Webb, 12. "There's not much stuff where you can go outside and play a Wii or X-Box or play laser tag in your front yard."

For some parents it's a convenience dream come true.

"There's no clean-up," said Lisa Humphrey, a mom. "They just come out and take care of everything for you...and they have a good time. The kids absolutely love it."

For the kids it's enough to make any yard the yard to beat this summer.

Games-2-U says they also have satellite TV available in the van, which comes in handy for tail-gating parties too.

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