Helping an East Texas boy one aluminum can at a time

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One aluminum can at a time an East Texas boy is taking on a summer project trying to raise money for a ramp and docking station for his van.

Eight-year-old Jay Bambeck has cerebral palsy and has a tough time getting in and out of his wheelchair. He's now asking you to save your cans.

Jay and his mother Amanda made a trip to "The Children's Park" in Tyler Tuesday afternoon. It's a place Amanda said Jay loves to go, but it's not always possible.

"It's stuff like taking him to the doctor, going to the park, you know, letting him get out and do things that any other kid would do," said Amanda. "We have had to put a lot of trips on hold because I physically can't get him in and out."

Jay has been in a wheelchair for six years. Amanda says he's just like any boy who loves life.

"He's just a regular little boy," said Amanda. "He likes cars and his trucks and you know going and doing and getting in trouble."

This summer Jay's excitement comes in the form of cans...and lots of them!

"I want to raise money to buy the ramp," said Jay. "That's all we can do with the cans, and we can recycle them."

So far, Amanda says they've collected around 35 pounds of cans from friends and family. She says a new ramp and docking station for their van would cost around $5,000.

"If you can help out, help us out with the cans," said Amanda.

"Would you help me get cans," asked Jay.

How can you say no to that?

Amanda wants to make it clear...they don't want money, just your cans.

If you'd like to help, you can reach Amanda Bambeck at 903-944-4271 or

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