Pit bull owners send message to victim's family

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LEVERETT'S CHAPEL, TX (KLTV) - Yesterday, 10-year-old Justin Clinton went over to a friend's house in Leverett's Chapel. Then, the dogs attacked him. A good Samaritan helped get the dogs off Justin and he died later at an East Texas hospital. Now, the dogs' owners tell how this tragedy has hit them and send a message to Justin's family.

"No amount of words that I could ever say could make a difference but I am so sorry," said Christy George, owner of the pit bulls. "If I would have ever thought my dogs would have ever hurt anybody, I wouldn't have had them. I have kids."

Christy George and her husband Ricky say they could not feel more sorry.

"I want that family to know how so sorry I am," said Ricki George. "We loved Justin too."

They are regretful for what their dogs, "Molly" and "Zeus" did to 10-year-old Justin.

"I want to know what happen to that baby," said Ricki. "What caused them dogs to go off the way the did? Because they've never given any indication that they would attack anybody."

The George's say, Justin had probably come to their house to play with their 10-year-old son Brady who had just left for summer camp, and unfortunately no one else was home.

"We wasn't here," said Christy. "If I would have been here, it would have never happened."

The Georges say they've always made sure their dogs were secure.

"In the fence, they were not running loose," said Ricki. "We did not allow our dogs to run loose. If they would have ever gotten out one time. We would have gotten rid of them."

"If I would have ever dreamed that this would happen, I would have never had them," said Christy crying. "Never."

As for the dogs being vicious...

"In my mind I can not understand," said Christy. "I don't know! They wasn't mean dogs, they were family dogs."

The Georges say Justin loved their dogs so much he took this picture with one of their puppies. Now, they're hoping his family will forgive them.

"I can't imagine the pain," cried Christy.

"We can't change the past, but I want that family to know that we're praying for their lost, and we're so sorry," said Rick. "So sorry."

Since the attack there has been some confusion on what type of dogs mauled Justin. The dog owners claim that both their dogs were bull dogs but the Rusk County Sheriff Deputies tell us that it's no doubt in their mind that the dogs are in fact pit bulls.

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