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Community Spotlight – Azelway

This month's Community Spotlight turns to the Azleway family of children's services.  You may have heard of Azleway Boys Ranch but the Azleway group also includes a wilderness camp, children's services program, a charter school and more.  Azleway serves more than 1000 youth across the state of Texas and more than 500 boys and girls call Azleway home.  These are at-risk children that have been removed from traditional foster care for any number of reasons.  But they all share the same need.  The Azleway vision is focused on bringing children into a caring environment where they receive structure, compassion, educational opportunities, and coping skills with the ultimate goal being to direct them back to a healthy family environment.  These kids are our future leaders, business people and parents and the success stories are numerous.  But just as great is the need of the organization.  Azleway is partially funded through several state agencies but it is the generous contributions of individuals and businesses that help keep the quality of care at the highest levels.  You can find out more about Azleway by going to the Community Spotlight section of Azleway children's services, KLTV's Community Spotlight, and an organization committed to helping children - making this a Better East Texas.

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