Good news for East Texas wine drinkers...

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Drink too much, you're in trouble. Drink too little and doctors say you could be missing out. A recent study found Texas wines to possess cancer fighting qualities.

When it comes to wine, vino or "the red stuff" the word is out. Pour, pour, away.

"There's something in wine that's not in every type of alcohol but just wine that actually is protective," said Dr. Gary Gross, an oncologist at the Blood and Cancer Center of East Texas.

This week, Texas doctors with Agrilife Research shared their findings on Texas wines. Studies showed decreased growth of colon and breast cancer cells treated with port and shiraz wine.

"What the chemical in the wine seems to do is simply keep that damaging effect in the cell from taking place," explained Gross. "So, the chemical in the wine is protecting the normal cell from the changes that lead it to turning into cancer."

That's good news for Texas wine drinkers. In 2007 according to Adam's Wine Handbook, people in the lone star state combined to drink more than 13 million cases of wine.

"Over the last 10 years there's definitely been an increase and interest in wine in the state," said winemaker Marnelle Durrett of Kiepersol Winery.

She showcases the fruits of her labor at KE Cellars.

"The grapes are equal to the grapes elsewhere I feel, so if it's going to benefit you in California or France it's going to benefit you here as well," said Durrett.

However, before you go downing a few glasses for medicinal reasons gross says the benefits come with a fine line.

"This is not an invitation to drink yourself under the table every night," said Gross. "Big picture, probably drinking one glass of wine is good for your health, drinking more than that is not good. Drinking more than one drink of alcohol is not good, the bads start to outweigh the goods."

...a good that could extend your life a little longer.

Researchers at Texas Tech say more wine research is on the way. Doctors are conducting trials on wine and it's effects on cardiovascular disease, as well as other diseases. Organizers say they don't plan on having any shortage of volunteer participants.

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