Gutter Flusher: "Does It Work?"

This time of year your rain gutters are probably filled or filling up with leaves. But there's a product out there that claims it can clean 'em out in minutes, without you ever stepping foot on a ladder. This week we put the gutter flusher to the test in our "Does It Work?" report.

The Gutter Flusher's an extendable hose that's supposed to be able to blast your gutters clean in seconds with a high-powered, jet action spray. June Penn agreed to let us test it out on her home. Her gutters had never been cleaned.  "It's a tough job. It really is." Penn doesn't like the idea of getting on a ladder. And with the Gutter Flusher, you should be able to work with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Fully assembled, it gives you almost an extra 5 foot reach to your gutters. Question is, does it have the power? We got our answer the first time we turned it on. The strength impressed Penn. "Yes it does." We're feeling pretty good about its chances of passing our little test, but leaving nothing to chance, we gave it a go in the gutters.

After 3 or 4 minutes, frankly, we expected better than this. Only dirty water ran out. In fact, the mess in the gutters didn't appear to be budging. If anything was winning in this battle, it was the leaves. And the Gutter Flusher had sprung at least two leaks... one down near the base, another where the aluminum meets the plastic.

And about 20 minutes into it, it sprang its biggest leak yet. The aluminum section blew out the end. After closer examination, it became clear what happened. The only thing holding the aluminum in place is a small black washer.

We got it back together and finished the job. But Miss Penn had seen enough. "I think the concept is good. I think the equipment is not really what it should be," she says. "It's not strong enough."

She's still impressed with the power of the sprayer, but says there's no way it would hold up-- even once around the house. And it was a slow process. We spent 30 minutes on just a 15 foot stretch of gutter. We had leaves to show for our efforts at the end. But Penn's not buying it.

We like the idea, but there needs to be a "Gutter Flusher 2" or something.

"Does It Work?".  We give it a "no".