Is Closing School The Best Options When Kids Are Sick?

The classrooms at Bullard Intermediate are empty, and school Superintendent Jim Wright says it's for good reason.

"We we're having an outbreak of the flu," he says. "They were just infecting one another and it was just getting worse and worse. We had students showing up sick that shouldn't have been there."

Shutting down school a week before Christmas break meant finals were interrupted. Arrangements have been made for students.

"They can either take the highest grade on the six week exam or we will give exams on the teacher work day January 6."

Even though Superintendent Wright didn't want to disrupt the students curriculum, he says teachers were instructing half empty classrooms and each day the schools stayed open they lost money from the state.

"They pay us by average daily membership and when you are running 90 percent and going to 85 percent you are losing a lot of money daily."

So when teachers and even parents suggested closing school early, Superintendent Wright felt it was the best thing to do, for the kids and the school.

"I just felt it was for the best interest of our students that we needed to close and try to get our building healthy again."

Bullard ISD will disinfect these empty halls, lockers and classrooms over the break. So when the kids come back they can get a healthy and productive start to 2003.