New Study Could Save You Money

For the past ten years, Nell Clover has been taking diuretics, "They gave me a diuretic because I was on so many other medications that Doctors were concerned I would get high blood pressure."

Doctors have long recommended diuretics to treat high blood pressure to prevent heart attacks. But researchers had a question when new a new class of drugs hit the market--replacing the less expensive diuretic.

"Do the newer drugs that lower blood pressure do any better in protecting against heart attacks than the traditional drugs that were used?" Dr. Paul Whelton and a team of researchers set out to answer that question. They tracked more than 33-thousand patients, ages 55 or older, for an average of five years. They compared treatment with diuretics to three other, newer blood pressure drugs - an ace inhibitor, a calcium channel blocker and a beta blocker. A study East Texas Doctor Melissa gerdes has been reading up on, "It confirms what doctors have known from research for several years...that diuretics and beta blockers are better for firstline treatment."

A treatment that's much less expensive--but a choice only a doctor can determine says Dr. Gerdes, "It's an individual choice--you can't use this study and say the diuretics are good for everybody--cause they're not."

A choice that's working well for Nell. And this study now gives her added confidence that she's taking the best drug for her health.

The big difference in cost... A diuretic runs about $30 dollars a month. While ace inhibitors runs anywhere from $40 to $100.