East Texas family wakes up to smoke, loses home

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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COFFEE CITY, TX (KLTV) - They heard thunder and saw a flash of lightning.  An East Texas family woke up not to a storm, but to smoke.  By the time the fire department arrived, it was too late.  The family of five lost their home in a fire early Thursday morning off County Road 4217 near Coffee City.

"All we could do was just watch it burn," said homeowner Charles Davis.  Very little is left of the bedroom Charles Davis and his wife were sleeping in early Thursday.

"Hard lightning and thunder rolled, and it rattled the windows and you could see a flash in the windows there," said Davis.  "My wife kept smelling something, so she came and looked and sure enough it was on fire there."  The fire, Davis believed started when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby transformer, following the wire to his fuse box.

"You would like to do something about it, you know, it's just one of those things you can't do anything about it," said Davis.  A water hose controlled the blaze momentarily.  Soon it was no match for the flames, moving quickly, destroying everything.

"Yeah it's tough," said Davis.  Especially tough when fire fighters could've saved the house.  The storm took out their communication.  Now, all that's left are a few surviving items, sitting alongside ash memories.

"This was my daughter's bedroom right there," said Davis.  "I just tell them don't worry about it, everything will be ok, that's all i can do."  With loved ones close by the Davis family came together.

"See everything you own go down, it's tough," said Davis.  "I'm just glad my family's alright, and I'm alright."

Officials have found the location of where the fire started, but the cause is still unknown.  The Henderson County Fire Marshal's office is investigating.

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