"Their living in small spaces with their own waste."

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MARION COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Dozens of animals were seized, Friday morning in Marion County by the SPCA of Texas.  Authorities say the good intentions of an East Texas couple spiraled out of control, leaving nearly 100 dogs in confined and filthy spaces.

The home in Shady Shores was discovered Tuesday by area humane society workers.  The humane society says it found more than 40 dogs inside a home and another 30, or more outside.

"Extremely difficult conditions that both people and the animals were living in," said Humane Society of Marion County President Caroline Wedding.  A look inside the home revealed the shocking conditions, which the couple was living in.  Only two rooms were used.  The animals and filth, the SPCA says was everywhere.

"Their living in small spaces with their own waste, so we're going to get the dogs out of here and get them the care that they need," said Anne Barnes of the SPCA of Texas.  Barnes says there's an overwhelming smell of ammonia in the house from the animals.  Investigators say the dogs were being fed and watered, but they were flea infested and some of them were losing their hair.  It's hard for investigators to understand why the conditions got so bad.

"Saving an animal gives you a warm fuzzy feeling," said Barnes.  "It's a great thing to do.  I encourage everyone to do it, but don't let yourself get to this point where you're overwhelmed, where it's beyond your control."  All the dogs, and one parrot will survive in the care of the SPCA.  A court date is set to determine who will take possession of the animals.  That's on June 17th.  The owners are not expected to face any charges.

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