Describing the final moments of a disturbing, vicious crime

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HARRISON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Capital murder charges are now filed in a brutal East Texas murder. 20-year-old Renrick Taylor and a 18-year-old Jamel Cooper are accused of killing 30-year-old LaShun Jenkins in Harrison County. Jenkins' body was found last week off FM 134, east of Marshall.

"This is where the guys had pulled up and she was either coming from that trail or walking up the street," said Pat Brooks, a friends of LaShun Jenkins.

Brooks said Jenkins rode off in a car with Taylor and Cooper for the last time.

"That's where she left from in the car with them," said Brooks pointing to the spot.

Police told us Jenkins was a homeless prostitute.

"She slept on the porch a few times," said Brooks.

And Brooks said Jenkins was roaming the streets the day she decided to go for a ride with the suspects.

"They decided they wanted their money back and they were trying to get the money back from her and ended up beating her very badly, and one of the boys said they didn't know what to do with her," said Captain Martin Latham, with the Harrison County sheriff's office. "So they bound her, put her in the trunk, and took her out to this well site where we found her."

"She was still alive in the trunk," said Latham. "She was still alive!"

Once Jenkins and the suspects arrived at the oil well pit...

"...they pulled her out of the trunk and one of the boys had placed his foot on her back to hold her down while the other subject drove in a circle and ran over her," Latham.

"How could somebody actually do something like that to her because she wasn't the type of person that bothered anybody," said Brooks.

Authorities said they linked both Taylor and Cooper to Jenkins' murder after making a gruesome fine in one of their back yards.

"Looking through the burn barrel, we found some clothes that could be LaShun Jenkins' with some blood and some tape wrapped around the clothing," said Latham.

Brooks says Jenkins' murder is a warning to us all.

"It should be an eye-opening example to all young ladies," said Brooks. "That could have been you. Those [are] not the only two crazy people out there that's looking to harm somebody. That next one could be you."

The suspects, Taylor and Cooper are in the Harrison County jail on a $1,000,000 bond.

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