"I was following a truck up 110 and his tail lights disappeared!"

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Last night's storms toppled trees, caused accidents, and even forced some East Texas classes to cancel for the day.

The front rumbled through with a scary light show, wind and rain pounding several east Texas counties.

"It was extremely intense," said storm chaser, Corky Corcoran. "I could not see a tornado. The rain was too heavy."

I-20 in Smith County, heavy bursts of wind toppled a moving 18 wheeler trailer onto its side.

"[It was] raining really hard [and] winds [were] blowing hard," said Ken Elderidge. "I guess the wind caught us and blew us right off the road."

In Gregg County, trees were toppled over roads, and rain flooded classrooms at Kilgore College Longview campus, coming through the roof.

"Recently we're getting a new roof and the storms came through last night and it flooded through," said Frank Mosley, a college administrator.

One of the bigger dangers last night were the huge trees that lined the roadways being blown over and snapped like twigs right in front of oncoming traffic. One driver ran into a toppled tree on FM 2659, west of Hawkins.

"We had two reports of tornado's," said John Jones, a Hawkins fire marshal. "A lot of occasions when trees fall at nighttime, everything's dark, black, no lights, [and] even with headlights you don't always see it."

On 110 in Smith County another tree crashed down between two moving vehicles.

"There was lots of debris, trees blowing around and I was following a truck up 110 and his tail lights disappeared," said Corcoran. "The tree had fallen between me and him and I went off the road going around it."

And with another front on the way, some are bracing for more.

"Since we possibly have another round of storms, we're going to try to take care of things as soon as possible," said Mosley.

No injuries were reported in Wednesday night's storms. Kilgore College Longview campus classes were canceled for Thursday, but will resume Friday.

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