It's a "Now and Later" that lasts longer than the candy

By Arthur Clayborn - email

A group of girls are mentoring kindergarten through third graders to help future generations, and the mentors themselves are just preteens! The organization is called "Now & Later." Video journalist Arthur Clayborn spoke to the middle school student behind the program.

"One day my mom sat me down, and she said to me, 'You were born in 1996 and one day your life is going to end, so it all matters what you do in your lifetime,"' said Genesis Borens, who started the program. "So I came up with the idea of starting a mentoring group for girls. The term "Now & Later" [came from the idea that] my friends and us are doing this now, the children that we're mentoring now get older. I want them to carry on in this. We encourage them to read and do arts and crafts. I want them to have a good feeling about themselves and enjoy reading and not look at it as something boring, but to have fun."

The program continues every Monday throughout the summer.

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