Guys Still Need Help Christmas Shopping

With just one week left before Christmas, it's time to get your Christmas shopping finished. Let that serve as a reminder to guys.

Traditionally, men are slow starters when it comes to shopping, especially when it comes to figuring out what the women in their life want for the holidays. Men were coming out in force Monday, crowding the shopping centers and trying to find that perfect gift. Meanwhile, the women we spoke to said all they're asking for is a little thought put into their gifts.

Cindy McAlister of Kilgore has a quick word of advice. "No household items, no blenders, no mixers, no frying pans, electric skillets."

"All of that's a no-no," Cindy reiterates.

Nicole Currie of Lufkin says the thought is really what matters. "If it's sentimental, that's great. If they put time and thought and effort into it, then I think a girl would like it."

The top items mentioned in our informal poll were jewelry, candles, lotions, and perfume. Clothes and shoes are also nice, but guys are advised to save the receipt.

Because let's face it, they are guys.

Reid Kerr reporting.