A Better East Texas: Chapel Hill ISD Valedictorian

Lots of controversy recently at Chapel Hill high school after final grade results award a white student valedictorian over a black female student. The school district and parents of the student who won the honor promptly opened the record for those who challenged the results including Kyev Tatum of Dallas representing the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Here was his response following the invitation...... "We refused to look at his grades. Remember now, it only takes a computer and some fingers to change a grade, or to align a process up in a way that can go along with your mathematical calculation or formula. So, the integrity of the process is out the window."...." it's the systemic racism and supremacy that comes out of these individuals in charge of the system that we're going to begin to get to the root cause."

Mr. Tatum is also calling for the termination of the principal and superintendent. Well, it sounds to me like Mr. Tatum is doing the same thing he's accusing the school of doing. And, if the leadership of Chapel Hill High School needs to be called into question then so does that of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Not only is the accuser disregarding the facts but also the school's track record. According to Chapel Hill ISD since 2000 every single valedictorian has been female, and one was African American. Even after Chapel Hill ISD opened its records Mr. Tatum brought no facts to the table to support his argument. Until he does he should be ignored.

In the meantime, I applaud both students, for your competitive spirit, and superior intellect. You make all east Texans proud. I also salute Chapel Hill high school principal Lamond Dean and superintendent Joe Stubblefield for offering leadership during this storm. Courageous leaders like you who offer an openness to hear both sides of an argument, yet remain firm to your convictions, make this a better east Texas.